The importance of water: visiting the London-Middlesex Children’s Water Festival

The importance of water: visiting the London-Middlesex Children's Water Festival

May 22nd, 2019

Map about water situation in the world

From the 14th until the 17th of May, kids in our community could visit the Children's Water Festival at Fanshawe Conservation Area. It is a fun and educational event for students in grades 2 through 5 to learn about the importance of water in their daily lives.

Good Neighbors Canada was at the event to see how youth is learning about water and the environment. There are many activities focused on showing children how water is filtered, how floods can be prevented and how some people struggle to have access to water.

Good Water project

Good Neighbors conducted a survey with Zambian children and found out that, on a daily basis, it takes them an average of four hours to get clean water.

Four hours that could be spent at school.

Several communities also suffer because of contaminated water sources. People get waterborne diseases such as dysentery, acute respiratory infections and chronic symptoms of vomiting and diarrhea.

Through our Wishing Well Project, Good Neighbors Canada builds wells to provide access to clean water. It costs about C$3,000 to evaluate the land, build and maintain a well in a community. So far we have built one well and are in the process of building 3 more in Zambia.