Crochet skills workshop for local microentrepreneurs a success

Crochet skills workshop for local microentrepreneurs a success

Participants with their Crochets
Participants with their Crochets

On Aug. 5, 2023, in our recent craft workshop in partnership with the City of Toronto, we invited members of Good4People, our business support network within Goods4Causes to spend some time networking and learning the art of crochet to develop their crafting skills for their small businesses


The event was engaging with a close group of participants attending the GNCA office, with soothing music and plenty of coffee.


As the Good4People members arrived, they had the opportunity to meet one another in-person to get to know one another, a valuable part of our programming that supports our small business owners to learn about the experiences of others. Since there are many similar interests within the group, networking is valuable both socially and for business development.


Angela, GNCA’s Social Enterprise Officer introduced the facilitator of the event, Vivian, a vendor for Goods4Causes and the backbone of local small business, ‘Just Crochet’. Vivian, an expert in crochet making, led the event by introducing our Good4People members to the basics of the craft.



As the group had varying levels of experience with crochet, some took to the skill faster than others. Vivian was able to provide personalized support and familiarize attendees with the techniques of single and double crochet. Some of our small business owners already knew the basics and so were able to support others too! The event demonstrated the values of togetherness and helping each other among the Good4People community. Participants happily snapped pictures with their crochet items and had the opportunity to take their class toolkit home to continue to practice their new crochet skills.


We share our warmest gratitude to our facilitator Vivian for her time and supplies.


Thanks to all the participants and volunteers for making this event memorable! We look forward to seeing our Good4People community members again at our upcoming business skills workshop on August 26th. 


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