Give Girls Dignity This Holiday Season

Give Girls Dignity This Holiday Season

December 13, 2021

In Mehe, Cameroon, agriculture, and trading are the main sources of income. Men are in charge of making budget decisions for the household, and menstrual products are not a priority.

When they menstruate, many women in the village rely on rags, newspapers, banana leaves, or anything they can get their hands on. Still, the fear of leaking in public and misconceptions surrounding periods drive women and girls to stay home, missing work or school.

Many do not even have a choice. They are excluded from community activities because of myths and taboos. They hear they are impure and in many houses can't cook as not to "ruin the food".


Do you want to help give them a voice?

We are addressing knowledge gaps and taboos, making sure girls and women have access to reliable information about reproductive health and hygiene.⠀

Our short-term goal is to raise enough funds to cover 350 Dignity Kits by the end of the year so that every new Better Life for Girls participant can have one.

So far we have raised enough funds to provide kits for 71 women and girls in need of menstrual products in our project in Mehe, Cameroon. ⠀

If you can help, one kit costs $14.99 and it contains soap, menstrual bracelets so girls can track their cycles, pairs of underwear, and reusable pads.