Huron students raise money to sponsor a child

Huron students raise money to sponsor a child

November 13th, 2019

Students from Volunteer Ya!
Jason and Shelby, students from Huron University College’s club Volunteer Ya!

Students from Huron University College’s club Volunteer Ya! organized a Movember bake sale for Good Neighbors Canada. Huron is our official partner since 2017.

With the money raised, they have sponsored Fernando Acevedo Mateo, 11 years old, who lives in the Dominican Republic with his grandparents and two siblings. Fernando is in primary school and when he grows older, he would like to become an architect.

His parents only found work in another village. They are the ones who bring water for the family whenever they come back home.

The main provider for the household is his grandfather who is a baker. He brings in $130 a month for the family to live. Ironically, because of the lack of resources, Fernando is malnourished and is not growing properly.

Now that Fernando was sponsored, he will be able to get easier access to clean water, nutritious meals and medical care.

Movember supports men’s health.

The well-known movement used to be about prostate cancer only but research revealed other significant issues. It now focuses on prostate and testicular cancer, poor mental health and physical inactivity. It has grown so much that there are campaigns in 21 countries and they have raised over AUD 730 million.

We would like to thank Varruna, Jason, Shelby and Volunteer Ya! for taking the initiative to support us and our child sponsorship program!

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