Meet Mina: our Hope Letter campaign 2019 is live

Meet Mina: our Hope Letter campaign 2019 is live

May 30th, 2019

Mina Akter
Mina Akter, 9 years old, wants to be a teacher to help other kids learn

Mina is a 9 year-old girl who lives in the Mirpur community, in Dhaka, Bangladesh. She can’t go to school because she spends most of her day working at a tobacco factory. Her biggest dream is to be a teacher.

She has a few health problems due to the environment in which she spends 8 hours every day.

Watch the video and get a glimpse of her routine:


The campaign

The Hope Letter campaign is a Good Neighbors’ contest to stimulate global citizenship and promote education. This year, we will have a space at the London Children’s Museum in June.

The children will be able to write a message of support to Mina or even make an artwork to encourage her. All letters will be sent to Bangladesh.

The campaign is a great opportunity for kids to learn about different cultures and become aware of difficulties other people face.

Prizes will be given to the most inspirational letter and artwork:

  • $250 donation in the winner's name to the Save a School campaign in Mirpur.
  • $250 donation in the winner's name to a charity of their choice.
  • A Fujifilm Instax Mini.
  • A $25 surprise gift card.



Save a School

Good Neighbors Canada wants to help many children like Mina get quality education. We are committed to raising funds to improve a school in her community.

The money will go towards buying books and equipment, stationery, as well as implementing facility upgrades, providing tuition assistance and staff training.

With your help, we hope to change the lives of 200 kids in Dhaka, Bangladesh.