Podcast feature: Great.com Talks With Good Neighbours Canada

Podcast feature: Great.com interviews Good Neighbours Canada about making a meaningful impact globally

This week, Good Neighbours Canada has featured on an episode of the 'Great.com Talks With...' podcast, a series founded on the concept of beating the negative news stories, and shedding light on organizations and experts whose work is making a positive impact on the world. 

Our Project Manager, Rachel Morrison, spoke with the lovely Danielle Ribeiro from Great.com, to share an overview of our initiatives and how we make global impacts in very different communities. 

At the heart of Good Neighbours Canada lies a mission underscored by the core values of respect, compassion, and collaboration. Founded on the belief that every individual is entitled to basic human rights and a quality life, our organization tirelessly works towards achieving community development and delivering sustainable solutions. Be it by improving educational infrastructure, providing access to clean water, or facilitating income-generating activities, Good Neighbours's presence marks a departure from despair towards a dawn of opportunities. The real-life applications of our philosophy are making positive impact across continents, changing lives one community at a time.

To hear the full podcast episode, head to https://great.com/great-talks-with/good-neighbours-canada/, or access the episode via your favourite streaming platform here.

Great.com Talks With Good Neighbours Canada