Preschoolers and their dream new classroom

Save a School Guatemala: preschoolers and their dream new classroom

February 24, 2020


Some of the preschoolers from La Palangana Primary School in Guatemala have drawn their dream new classroom. Aren't they cute?

Their school, in El Cedro, Guatemala, doesn't have enough space. Currently, 326 students (5 to 12 years old) attend classes there, sharing packed classrooms and even whiteboards.

There is no electricity. Some of the classrooms are made of iron sheets and they leak when it rains. We want to Save a School by improving their learning environment.

Thank you Good Neighbors Guatemala team for sending these great colourful drawings. We hope to make their dreams come true!

Fundraiser in London, ON: Minds in Bloom

Studying at a makeshift school can increase mental health issues for youth at any age. We want to not only help the students in Guatemala but also children and youth in Canada.

Our next fundraiser, in collaboration with Western University’s Faculty of Education, aims to improve the quality of life for children, youth and families through mental health and educational support, locally and globally.

Aside from helping La Palangana, we will raise funds for the Child and Youth Development Clinic here in London, ON.

With 693 referrals, the CYDC supported over 500 children and youth (3 to 18 years old) with mental health and educational needs in two years, filling a mental health service gap. They provide high-quality and affordable consultation, assessment, and intervention services from graduate student clinicians in psychology and social work.

Get your tickets for Minds in Bloom today!