Our 5K: Pumpkin Spice and everything nice!

Our 5K: Pumpkin Spice and everything nice!

October 20, 2022

A special thank you to all amazing volunteers and our dedicated staff
A special thank you to all amazing volunteers and our dedicated staff

An incredible group of in-person and virtual runners raised a total of $2,751.48 until October 8 for our Wishing Well project by participating in the second edition of the Pumpkin Spice 5K.

This was the first year we had an in-person run. The event took place at Greenway Park, on Saturday, October 8.

The amount raised is almost enough to build one more well in rural villages in Zambia!

Next to participants sporting our special Step4Water t-shirts, even Santa and Super Mario were there (these friends always like to run in costumes simply to spread joy, isn't that cool?).

All in-person participants were new to our organization, and out of our virtual runners so far, 80% interacted with us for the first time during this event.

We are very grateful to everyone who supported us in the coordination of this day and, of course, all of those who donated to this very special cause for clean water.

The awesome people of Match on The Move Food Truck not only helped during our event but also gave a $500 donation as well. We couldn't be more grateful to a partner like you! Runners reacted very positively to the lovely smell of your menu!


Activities on-site

Participants were invited to take part in a water-carrying challenge, taking buckets full of water for 5 meters. This was to give participants an idea of how challenging it can be for Zambian children to carry water from their closest water source back home to their families, putting themselves in the shoes of the children that our Wishing Well campaign supports.

Everyone could enjoy delicious food from Match on the Move Food Truck. Children present could also play at a fun bouncy castle. We also had some goodie bags for sale for $5 with the following items:

  • 1 Goods4Causes gift (either Bruce the Moose or a Bamboo Tumbler);
  • 1 voucher from a partner organization who generously donated some gifts-in-kind to our fundraising mission (City of London family swim passes, Children’s Museum family tickets, Downtown Dollars, Grand Theatre tickets).


Register for the virtual run until October 31!

We are happy to continue to #Step4Water during the month of October! Registration for virtual spots continues.

Don't forget there are special discounts for groups of 4 or more people and for participants of our Pumpkin Spice Virtual 5K in 2021.

Join us virtually from anywhere in Canada during the whole month of October!

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Can't join?

You are welcome to run, walk or cycle for the virtual event. It is an untimed fun run!

If for any reason you would like to contribute but are unable to attend the event virtually, you can donate below, create your own fundraiser, like a bake sale for instance, or share the event with friends and family.

Let's #Step4Water!