Goodbye, Good Neighbors – Ruth

Good Bye, Good Neighbors - Ruth

August 31st, 2018

Hi all! It's my last day with Good Neighbors and I wanted to tell you all about my experience this past summer. First let me introduce myself, my name is Ruth Lebelo-Almaw and I just completed a summer internship with Good Neighbors Canada working as their fundraising coordinator. I recently graduated from Huron University College at Western University with a Bachelor’s degree in Global Development and Political Science specialization in Public Policy. Working with Good Neighbors Canada was a life changing opportunity, my time at Good Neighbors Canada allowed me to immediately use what I learned within the classroom in real life scenarios.

Through my role at Good Neighbors Canada I was able to work on a variety of projects, initiatives, and campaigns. The start of my internship coincided with the start of Good Neighbors Canada’s global campaign, A Better Life for Girls. Through this campaign Good Neighbors is working to provide menstrual products to young girls in Uganda. Due to this being an issue close to my heart, my work turned into a passion. In August I planned and organized the Good Neighbors Canada Benefit concert with Chad Price headlining. From start to finish this event was my baby and I’m happy to sa it was a great success!

As well within my role I was responsible for securing corporate sponsors, gift in kinds, and community partnerships. At first this was a very daunting task, I had to put myself out there, be willing to take a risk and open myself up to rejection. During my time with Good Neighbors I was able to facilitate and implement information booths at a variety of community events in London and Toronto. Through these events Good Neighbors Canada was able to connect and dream with local communities. These events empowered communities that they possess the abilities to create good change within the world.

Now at the end of my internship I have learned that you cannot gain any type of success in life without some sort of risk. In the fall I’m off to the University of Waterloo to pursue my Masters in Development Practice with a specialization in Public Policy. As I head into this next chapter of my life I wanted to thank Good Neighbors for the opportunity to learn and work directly within my field of study. I wanted to as well thank the community around me for showing me that when we work together we can really create good change within the world!

Stay great world changers!!