Soriel’s angelic voice uplifts lives at our Vancouver benefit concerts

Soriel's angelic voice uplifts lives at our Vancouver benefit concerts

Soriel during the event.

Soriel during the event.

Once again, the star of the show, Soriel, graced us with his celestial voice, leaving an unforgettable mark on our hearts and the lives of many. We held seven benefit concert events throughout this time in Vancouver, this summer from July 21st to 30th. The events were conducted in support of our child sponsorship program and with immense pleasure we would like to share that a total of 108 children have been sponsored - our highest number of sponsored children from an event series yet! 

Our deepest gratitude extends to the generous donors who made this possible, as well as the dedicated attendees and volunteers who made these events a huge success.

Attendees enjoying the concert.

Attendees enjoying the event.

Jenny Song, Community Development Officer for Good Neighbors Canada, shared, “There was a special moment during the concert on Sunday, the 30th which I would like to highlight. Our special guest; a family with two sons who sponsor one Dominican child, attended the show at our invitation. Soriel introduced the family to the crowd as senior sponsors. They were excited to express their joy to be a part of Good Neighbors Canada. It was great to see that our sponsors feel proud to be a part of us in supporting the children”.

While the concert audience that day was intimate, their impact was immeasurable. All attendees at the concert on this day enthusiastically filled out sponsorship forms, contributing to the series’ heartwarming result of 108 Cameroonian children in total finding their sponsors, ensuring their journey towards a better life.


Thank you for helping us to create a better future for underprivileged children!


For more details about the child sponsorship program, click here.


Soriel with the sponsor who attended the event with his family.

Soriel with the sponsor and his family.