Thank you! Save a School raises over $42,500

This is how you Save a School!

January 08th, 2020

Kids in Bangladesh

We are thrilled to be able to announce the results our Save a School campaign!

How we got there

Our Music for Mirpur benefit concert with Chad Price raised $10,507.37!

We also raised $11,398.25 through our save a School campaign and $20,648 through our general fund.

What we can do now

  • Buy materials for 250 children: educational books on different subjects, stationery, uniforms, bags, geometric boxes, library books and notepads - that includes an expected increase of 50 students in 2020;
  • Two street drama plays and one puppet show in the community for children’s rights, including a petition against child labour and child marriage; and two campaigns for criminalization and child protection laws in Bangladesh;
  • Teacher development and program related materials, including subject specific training;
  • Facility upgrades, like purchasing a generator and a water filter, new white boards, markers, dusters, air-conditioning for classrooms, computers, printers, scanners, a projector, photocopiers, desks and chairs and also painting the walls of the school.
  • Create an academic council, a community group for protection activities and guardian meetings to select a representative.
  • Organize sport competitions and board game activities to engage children.
  • Set up an indoor playground and purchase toys and puzzles.
  • Cover tuition fees.

A huge thank you to everyone who contributed to this cause!

Because of you, 200 kids in Bangladesh will be able to have access to quality education.

We look forward to the next event!

3. A girl drawing a pictures using color pencil and normal paer
Library Mirpur School
Save a School Christmas donation form
Our Christmas campaign in 2019 was all about our Save a School