Delivered: Winter Winter Gifts in Tan Lac, Vietnam

Delivered: Warm Winter Gifts in Tan Lac, Vietnam

January 9th, 2019

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Winter in my hometown is very cold,
but the winter will be warmer this year.

Quang Binh community in Tan Lac, Vietnam, is one of the most difficult mountainous districts of Ha Giang province. It is located about 6 hours by car from the capital, Hanoi. Due to the high altitude, the temperaure is noticibly lower comparerd to other regions.


Last Winter, Good Neighbors Canada raised funds to hopefully present children a warm winter. Thanks to our generous sponsors and hard works of Good Neighbors Vietnam staffs and volunteers, many children in Quang Binh community received a very special gift.


"I feel very happy to receive gifts from Good Neighbors, winter in my hometown is very cold, but this year I have a new coat to keep warm for myself. I am studying at a Tan Bac boarding school. Me and my friend are sleeping at school and sharing old, torn and insufficient blankets before." - Hoang Dinh Tien

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Winter Coats, Gifts, and More

In October, 450 children received winter coats, blankets, food and drink for their living throughout the winter. Primary beneficiaries included children in ages from 2 to 13, who would have otherwise attended schools with torn blankets shared with other children.

Good Neighbors will continue to work in the community in order to help the residents become self-sufficient.

Please continue to support us and our global neighbours.

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