Wishing Well Campaign Supports the Production of 2 Wells in Zambia

Wishing Well Campaign Funds an Additional 2 Wells in Zambia

Local people of Shibuyunji District on February 13, 2023
A new well donated by GNCA in 2022

Walking for water so children don't have to

On average children in Zambia need to walk a distance of 5km in order to reach the closest source of water. Typically, adults attend work so children must walk for water, however girls are disproportionately affected. Young women and girls are forced to drop out of school to collect water for their entire family, resulting in a gender-education gap.

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In October 2022 we walked/ ran 5 km in aid of our Wishing Well Campaign

We appreciate everyone who participated in our 5km walk/run fundraising event

On average each well supports 500 people. Your donation supports hundreds of lives and helps children continue their education.  

A special thanks to Devon Jarovi who saw our last blog post and helped us reach our fundraising goal of exactly $3,000 so we could build a second well in Zambia. 

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At our 2022 #Step4Water in-person event

With your support we have been able to build 2 water wells in Shibuyunji District, Zambia

Families in Shibuyunji on February 13, next to a well donated by Good Neighbors Canada

Good Neighbors Canada and the local people of Shibuyunji District, Zambia would like to express our gratitude to all donors and participants of our Wishing Well Campaign. Thanks to your generous donations water is now more accessible to families in this area, and children can just be children.