YAC Chair Takeover: Empowering Youth for Global Impact

YAC Chair Takeover: Empowering Youth for Global Impact

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Devon Jarovi

Hello, Good Neighbors! Devon Jarovi here, Chair of the Youth Advisory Committee (YAC) at Good Neighbors Canada. Today, I am thrilled to share with you the purpose and aims of our newly launched committee. Our goal is to engage and empower young people in Canada to support the mission of Good Neighbors Canada while fostering connections between local and global issues.

The YAC serves as a dynamic platform for young individuals to develop their leadership, governance, & community engagement skills. Through active participation in the committee's activities, YAC members have the opportunity to make a tangible difference in the lives of children, families, and communities around the world.

At the heart of our work is raising awareness about the programs and services offered by Good Neighbors Canada. We believe in educating the public about global issues and highlighting the interconnectedness of challenges faced both locally and internationally. By drawing parallels between these issues, we aim to cultivate empathy and inspire action among our peers.

To give you a glimpse of our ongoing initiatives, here are a few projects we are passionate about:

Hope Starts with a Meal, Supporting Ukrainian Orphans in Romania:

After the war in Ukraine, millions of displaced children found refuge in Romanian Orphanages with the help of Good Neighbors. Your support is vital in ensuring these children have access to three daily meals. Together, let's create a safe and healthy environment for them to grow, play, and learn.

Empowering Women Globally, Experiences of Intersectionality Across Cultures:

At Good Neighbors Canada, we are actively working on multiple programs to provide education supporting gender equity. Join our virtual seminar on Thursday, June 15th, featuring special guest speakers from the humanitarian sector who are actively contributing to the fight for true gender equity. By attending, you'll be supporting our gender education programs in Guatemala and El Salvador. Use the discount code: 'DEVON' to get 10% off your ticket fee

Empowering Girls in Mehè, Cameroon with Dignity Kits:

Through the Better Life For Girls initiative in Mehè, Cameroon, we are providing essential menstrual hygiene supplies to girls in need. With your contribution, we can end period poverty and ensure that no girl is held back by a lack of access to these essential resources.

These are just a few examples of the impactful projects we are involved in. By actively supporting our cause, whether through donations, volunteering, or spreading awareness, you can play a pivotal role in creating lasting change in communities worldwide.

Now, let's hear from some of our passionate YAC members who have graciously shared their thoughts.

Max Genin

Max Genin, our Advocacy Coordinator, shares his motivation for joining the YAC: "There were 2 motivating factors that led me to join: grass-roots impact and reach. There is a great deal of opportunity to affect and change lives. When you pair that with a team of passionate people, you get excited about the potential. So far, I’ve learned from my peers that many people want to contribute but seldom have the avenue to."

Bingo Liu

Xinyu (Bingo) Liu, our Communications Coordinator, tells us what motivated her to join: "By joining the Youth Advisory Committee, I would have the opportunity to utilize GNCA funding to organize fundraising initiatives or events. This would allow me to make a meaningful contribution to the community while gaining practical experience in governance and fundraising. Such experience would be invaluable for exploring the
realm of non-profit marketing and communication."

Micah Mcleish

Micah Mcleish, a dedicated YAC member, shares her excitement: "As a youth advisory committee member for Good Neighbors Canada, I’m most excited about amplifying the voices of young people, driving positive change in our communities, and collaborating with like-minded individuals to create a brighter future for all. Together, we can make a meaningful impact."

We are grateful for the dedication and enthusiasm of our YAC members, who are truly the driving force behind our committee. Their commitment to our shared goals and aspirations fuels our collective efforts to create a brighter and more sustainable future.

As we continue our journey, we invite you to stay tuned for updates on our initiatives, events, and achievements. Together, we can make a lasting difference in the lives of individuals and communities around the world. Join us in supporting Good Neighbors Canada and become part of our movement toward positive global impact.

To learn more about Good Neighbors Canada's work, upcoming events, and how you can donate to our campaigns, please visit our website at goodneighborscanada.ca.

And guess what? Check out our newly launched social media account exciting, right? Find us on Instagram, @GNCAYAC!

Every contribution, big or small, has the power to create meaningful change and transform lives. Together, let's engage, empower, and make a lasting difference!

Devon Jarovi
Chair, Youth Advisory Committee
Good Neighbors Canada