You Go Global Leaders!

We are Good Neighbors everywhere in the world!

In November, we had a special event at Brescia University College in London with our neighbours. Hosted by Chinese International Volunteer Organization and supported by many other organizations, Good Neighbors Canada joined You Go Global Leaders! international fair event as Charity of Choice, hosting a raffle ticket event. This was a night for international students and anyone who was willing to understand and help what they are going through in Canada.

Our Special Guests

Olivia Chow, Jay Zhang, and many other special guests were invited to the night to share their stories and advices to the international and domestic students. Unfortunately, some of the speakers couldn't make it and there was some technical difficulties, but it was still a great opportunity to receive valuable insights. We may be from afar, but we are now living in the same community with people of different backgrounds. Understanding each other's cultures and differences are keys to live in harmony.


You Go Global Leaders!

We had an awesome guests and speakers, sharing their stories and listening them carefully. Naming every awesome person will be hard, but everyone loved stories of Sam from Fanshawe and Mohammed from Culture Works. How they came to see differences of cultures in their home countries and Canada... misconceptions and stereotypes... acknowledging and trying to understand differences in each other is really important both as an international and domestic students of Canada. This is where our future global leaders will step forward from and make differences in our global community!

You Go Good Neighbors!

Good Neighbors Canada is an international development NGO, but the good change starts from where we belong. We are all Good Neighbors from different countries gathered in Canada, which is why we are Good Neighbors everywhere on this earth. We will continue to be Good Neighbors, and hope to see a good change around the world with those who join our good cause. You Go Global Leaders! (BTW, congratulations Sam, our first-prize winner for the raffle ticket event 🙂 every donation from the ticket will be used to support the Rohingya people)