Clean Water

Providing clean water to rural communities, one well at a time

Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene

Hygiene Training

Teach communities about waterborne diseases and good hygiene habits

Wishing Well

Make water more accessible by building wells in rural communities

Improved Facilities

Promote sanitation by building clean and safe toilets and other necessary water, sanitation and hygiene facilities

A quarter of the world’s population does not have access to clean water. That means almost 2 billion people in the world are vulnerable to water-related illnesses such as cholera and diarrhoea, risking lives and causing stunting and poor development in children. While their parents work, many rural children have to spend 4 hours of their day just walking to fetch water.


Through education and sanitation initiatives, we help people to learn about the need for safe water and better washroom facilities, provide hygiene kits to better promote sanitation in our target areas, and construct durable water, sanitation and hygiene facilities to reform community practice. We make it our priority to make clean water accessible to everyone and give people the ability to maintain new systems independently.

Aside from building water purifying systems, handwashing stations, and water tanks, we also build hand pump wells. Our Wishing Well Project provides water for rural communities in Zambia, so safe drinking water is immediately accessible and children can focus on their education rather than dropping out of school to collect water for their family.

Wells We've Built in Zambia







In progress

people in the community benefit from a single well
100 +
people in Zambia doesn’t have access to clean water, living with a daily risk of catching cholera or other life-threatening waterborne diseases.
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Make Clean Water and Sanitation Accessible

4 Hours: The Time It Takes to Get Water

Make Clean Water and Sanitation Accessible