The Dominican Republic

Child Sponsorship

You are one step away from changing a child's entire future.

Through our Child Sponsorship Program, you are matched with a child in the Dominican Republic.

Once you are paired up, you will be able to track their progress through annual reports.

If you wish to learn more about how you will be giving a child a happier future, contact us at or call 1-833-614-4663(GOOD).


A Brief Look at the Dominican Republic

Situated in the Caribbean Sea, the Dominican Republic is a Central American country that has actively engaged in addressing children's rights at the international level. It has demonstrated its commitment by signing and ratifying the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child. However, significant child-related concerns remain.

2 in 10 children in Dominican Republic are orphans

Humanium Organization 

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Why sponsor?

By becoming a child sponsor, you can have a profound impact on the lives of children in the Dominican Republic. You possess the power to transform their lives, forge meaningful connections, and empower them to reach their full potential. Your support will not only create positive change in their individual lives but will also extend its influence throughout their communities, fostering a brighter future for all. Experience the joy of making a long-lasting impact, cultivating global citizenship, and being a source of hope and opportunity. Join us in this rewarding journey of giving, and together, let's create a world where every child has the chance to thrive.

More than 1 million children in the Dominican Republic live in poverty

*SOS Children’s Village

Biggest needs

Food: sometimes they go days without eating because their families live from day to day and sometimes cannot buy enough.

Health: children live in rural areas where going to a doctor's office is a huge expense, so their families resort to home remedies to treat symptoms that often worsen because they are not treated properly.

Education: due to poverty, parents prioritize providing food over addressing educational concerns for the children in the program. High prices of school supplies prompt families to rely on Good Neighbors' annual deliveries.

Drinking water: Many of these children do not have access to water suitable for human consumption and sanitation.

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Change a child's future today.

We are a Canadian registered charity (Registration Number: 72273 2922 RR0001), therefore donations are eligible for a tax receipt, issued to the donor’s email. Changes and cancellations can be made anytime. Donors have the options of creating a donor account, powered by CanadaHelps DMS, to update information online. If you prefer to speak to our team, you can reach us at 1 (833) 614-GOOD (4663).

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