In addition to financial support, Good Neighbours Canada also accepts in-kind donations of items which will support our international humanitarian work. 

Currently, we are open to receiving brand new, bulk quantities (100+) of donated items. This is because when generous donors give smaller quantities of items, particularly if they’re second hand, the financial costs of shipping them to our international partners outweighs the value of the donations themselves - in which case, it’s more cost-effective and eco-friendly for us to buy the items in the country where they are required.

Together, we embody the spirit of compassion, fostering a brighter future for all.


If you work with a business who would like to provide an in-kind donation, please read the following FAQs:

What items are you looking for?

Our priority categories are currently healthcare items (such as menstrual products, medical gloves, first aid kits) and winterizing items (coats, winter boots, gloves, blankets). If your items fall outside of these categories, please get in touch and let us know what you can offer. We may take a little longer to find a suitable receiving country, but we are likely to be able to take your donation.

What quantity of donations can you take?

This depends on the demand for the kind of item you are offering. Healthcare and winterizing items are currently in high demand and so we are likely to be able to take as much as you can offer. In general though, the more you can offer, the better.
We do have a minimum requirement of 100 items, however this lower quantity limit may need to increase if you are donating low-value items where the shipping and handling costs would otherwise outweigh the value of the donation.

Do you accept second-hand items?

Currently no, we are only able to accept brand new items as gifts-in-kind.

How long does the process of donating take?

Due to the coordination of international shipments through third party shipping agencies, the timeframe between offering a donation and coordinating the pickup can take an estimated 4-6 weeks. We also may experience delays if we need to find a suitable partner country to receive your item before coordinating the shipment.

Can I get a tax receipt for my donation?

Yes. Good Neighbors Canada is a Canadian registered charity (722732922 RR 0001), and as such we can provide a tax receipt for the full retail value of your donation.

Who is responsible for covering the shipping costs?

Currently, Good Neighbors is able to cover the cost of shipping - however, if you are willing to coordinate international shipping too, this is very welcomed and a tax receipt for the full cost of shipping can also be provided for you.

What requirements will my business need to fulfill?

To coordinate shipping, we will need to receive the following information/documentation - the sooner this can be provided to us, the quicker we can coordinate the pickup of your donation. 

  • The address of the donation to be picked up, and information on the pickup logistics - whether you have a dock, forklift, support on-hand to load up a vehicle, etc.
  • Number, dimensions and weights of each pallet.
  • Hazmat status of the donated items.
  • A commercial invoice for all items to be donated, including quantity and retail value.

If you would like to provide a gift-in-kind donation to Good Neighbours Canada’s humanitarian projects, please fill in this form or email us at to enquire


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