Helping vulnerable populations with food, PPE, and health care.


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Health 2022
COVID-19 food distribution in India


Good Neighbors has been assisting people in several countries by distributing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) kits and food hampers.

In Canada, our COVID-19 Response campaign raised over $23,000 for food relief.

After the Delta variant became a threat, our organization organized screening camps and vaccination drives in India, where we were also taught the community about hygiene, and help children understand why we need masks and how they should fit.

COVID-19 mask fitting in India
COVID-19: mask fitting in India
vaccination drive in India
Vaccination drive with Good Neighbors India support

The right to be healthy

For many people, finding a job or being able to afford a meal is a second thought. When you are suffering from poor health and drinking unsanitary water, it is hard to move forward.

At least half of the world's population is not receiving the care they need. According to the World Health Statisctics 2019, an estimated 5.4 million children died before turning 5 years old.

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Financial ruin

Millions of people are being pushed into poverty after spending too much money on medical care.

And what do you when you can't afford it? Should we choose between buying food or medication?

Every day, more than 800 women die from causes related to pregnancy and child birth. Most of the cases could have been prevented.

Children being examined in a clinic in Chile
Children being examined in a clinic in Chile

Access to health care

Good Neighbors establishes health care buildings and provides community and home-based services. Local practitioners are also supported via capacity development.

We advocate for health policies to enable quality services for more people and provide basic assistance for everyone in need.

An important service we offer is maternal and child health care.



Hygiene, sanitation and education

We educate people to have good habits, by teaching hygiene and sanitary practices.

Since water is essential for a healthy life, it is one of our pillars. We work to ensure enough clean water is available for everyone. We also build facilities like washrooms and water tanks where needed.

Awareness of reproductive practices is another important topic we cover in the communities we work in. It's important that men and women receive education about menstruation and birth, which is something our Better Life for Girls campaign covers.

Hygiene education in the Philippines
Hygiene education in the Philippines

Nutrition and prevention

795 million people do not have access to enough food to survive in the world. When people cannot afford healthy meals, they risk developing chronic diseases like diabetes and hypertension.

Food insecurity means not knowing what or when your next meal will be. A poor diet not only creates bad physical health but also great stress and anxiety.

We fight food insecurity, assist malnourished people and, in smaller communities, work with local farmers to strengthen their production via our income generation initiatives.

Disease prevention campaigns are organized quite often. In Niger, for example, the focus is Malaria prevention with the distribution of nets and insecticides.

In Canada, we supported organizations that provide food items to individuals and families in need through our COVID-19 Response.

Facilitate proper nutrition, hygiene training and health check-ups.

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