Join the challenge this summer to #Step4Water so kids don't have to.

From August 26 - September 30 2023, join us and challenge yourself to a 5K or 10K to fundraise for clean water.
Help us to build wells in rural Zambia where the closest water source is sometimes up to a 4 hour walk away.

Join on your own or as a team to fundraise, receive a medal, t-shirt and other goodies, and
have your name inscribed on a well in a Zambian village!

In rural villages in Zambia, children bear the responsibility of fetching water for their parents while they work. These young ones endure long and arduous journeys over uneven terrain, spending an average of 4 hours daily in pursuit of water. Our project aims to enhance school performance and attendance, not only by providing safe water for drinking, bathing, cooking, and hygiene purposes, but also by allowing these children the opportunity to reclaim those 4 hours for learning and play.

Join us in ensuring a future where every community has access to clean water, improving well-being and educational opportunities for all.

Together, we make a lasting difference.

Sign up to #Step4Water today.

Sponsorship opportunities are available.
Contact us at to partner and provide safe, accessible drinking water to our neighbours in need.

A donation of $4,500 can fund the building of one water well in a rural Zambian village, in yours or your organization's name.