Testimonials from some of the friends we work with and ambassadors who kindly gave their time to our causes.

Chad Price

Chad Price - Singer-Songwriter, Recording Artist

"The selfless work being done by Good Neighbors Canada is truly amazing and inspiring, especially seeing their efforts impact real human beings in real, practical ways throughout the globe and within our local community. Everyone deserves to feel a basic sense of dignity, pride, and self-worth. Good Neighbors Canada continues to help foster that in people and assist them in achieving self-reliance. It's a beautiful thing to see and I'm so honoured to be able to contribute to their causes in any way that I can."

As an ambassador for Good Neighbors Canada since 2018, Chad Price has played two benefit concerts for us (and even helped with silent auction items). He has been involved in the Better Life for Girls and Save a School campaigns. Chad has also recently recorded a song for food relief in Guatemala during the COVID-19 pandemic. He continues to encompass everything that a good neighbour is.

Purdy Natural gives back

Rokhsana Purdy - Owner of Purdy Natural

"We do a lot in our city to help our community here at home in London, Ontario and we loved being able to do something to help in any way we can overseas. Being able to contribute to supplying sanitary products for girls is definitely something we wanted to be a part of. Such a small thing for us to do, yet making a massive impact for many is unbelievable and we are so thankful Good Neighbors Canada thought of us to get involved in their initiative."

Purdy Natural is an all-natural skincare company. They have created a bar of soap exclusively for our Better Life for Girls campaign and donate 50% of sales to the cause. They immediately helped us during Music for Mirpur in 2019, with in-kind donations for our silent auction and provided us with extra bars of soap for our Christmas markets, donating part of the sales as well.


Chad Callander - Executive Director 
Meals on Wheels London

"Good Neighbors Canada more than lives up to that name. When things began during the pandemic, Good Neighbors Canada reached out to us with support. Not just one, but many times! We are so happy to be introduced to this organization and we are also looking forward to working with them in the future. Keep up the great community minded work!"

Chad Callander has worked in the non-profit sector for 8 years and, as the leader of Meals on Wheels in London, Ontario, has been fulfilling the organization's mission of providing services that foster independence, health and wellness. Aside from funds from our campaign for food relief, we have also donated hand sanitizers and paper towels to the organization.

Kay-Skilled Accents

Kay Habib - Founder and CEO of Skilled Accents Inc.

"It's so wonderful to find another company that shares our vision in making a difference in the community, by not only helping the underprivileged, but also thinking of our planet! We have collaborated with Good Neighbors Canada in various projects and their generosity to give back is truly remarkable. We are privileged to partner with Good Neighbors and hope this relationship flourishes with time."

Skilled Accents is a social enterprise that employs refugees in London, Ontario. They create decor products from recycled fabric sourced from local furniture and drapery stores. We have not only volunteered there, but also sold their products via our Goods4Causes shop. They are currently supporting the community with the growing need of face masks and ensuring the employees have enough work in this difficult time.

The ladies from World Tailors, in London, Ontario

Donna Teeple - Director, World Tailors

"We are very happy to call Good Neighbors Canada our friends! They have been a great partner in welcoming World Tailors into their community, volunteering with us, and promoting our products. We appreciate their vision and wholeheartedly endorse their work within our city and around the world. It has been our privilege and pleasure to get to know this amazing  organization!"

Every item at World Tailors is made by women from around the world. They are newcomers to Canada and make aprons, and market and veggies bags. We have not only volunteered there, but also sold their products via our Goods4Causes shop. They have been making reversible cotton face masks.


Nelson Melgar - Photographer

"Good Neighbors Canada does some great and essential work in Canada and around the world, and I am proud to have helped them with photography for Music for Mirpur, for their campaign towards rebuilding a school in Dhaka, Bangladesh. It is truly inspiring to see so many dedicated people working towards the common goal of making the world a better place."

Nelson Melgar is a very talented Photographer, who volunteered at our benefit concert, Music for Mirpur, in 2019. The event raised funds for our Save a School campaign in Bangladesh. Nelson was also going to photograph at Minds in Bloom, postponed to 2021 due to COVID-19.

We are happy to have you in our corner.