This program is now closed. 

Thank you to our community of donors who supported this program from May 1st 2022 - April 30th 2023.

We are proud to announce that our domestic emergency relief project, 'Ukrainians in Canada,' has successfully concluded, surpassing our goals and providing critical assistance to those in need. From May 2022 to April 2023, we have worked tirelessly to provide aid and support to Ukrainian families affected by the Russian-Ukrainian conflict. Our collective efforts have made a meaningful impact, and we are proud of what we've accomplished. We are deeply grateful to our generous donors, dedicated volunteers, and steadfast supporters whose contributions were vital to achieving our mission.

The Miliutin Family in Canada

Summary of our Project Achievements

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Our donors, volunteers, and supporters were instrumental in helping us create a meaningful impact. Our project not only aided 34 individuals seeking refuge in Canada but exceeded our goal by helping an additional 67 individuals, resulting in a transformative impact. Communities and individuals came together in a remarkable show of solidarity to provide unwavering support to these newcomers.


While our project may be closed, we remain committed to the principle that every human being deserves access to basic necessities and opportunities for a better life. We encourage our supporters to continue to seek out ways to contribute to the cause. Thank you for your support!

Project Highlights




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We provided:

  • 101 Ukrainian language resettlement resource guides
  • Employment support for 100 people
  • 27 incidences of emotional support
  • 24 six-month periods of tailored family case management
  • 13 incidences of family financial support
  • 12 fully-funded family flights
  • Winter clothing for 13 individuals
Another family arriving safe and sound in Toronto and heading to their host's home.

We thank the TELUS Friendly Future Foundation for their grant of $20,000, without which we could not have provided this support. This has assisted with 55% of the expenses of the safe relocation of our initial caseload of 10 refugee families.

Resources for Ukrainian refugees

While our tailored support program is now closed, Good Neighbours Canada has compiled a collection of resources that may be helpful to Ukrainians arriving in Canada. If you or someone you know is seeking support, please check out the resources listed below.

Canada-Ukraine Authorization for Emergency Travel

We are pleased to share that the Canadian government has extended the application period for the Canada-Ukraine Authorization for Emergency Travel (CUAET) until July 15, 2023.

Meet The Hosts

In our interview series, “Meet The Hosts”, you will hear directly from some of the people who generously volunteered to share their homes with the Ukrainian families we welcomed in Canada.

Our first interviews happened in October 2022. Here are the links to those videos, which you can also find on our YouTube channel. Our Project Manager, Rachel Morrison, met with Carolyn Hungate and Tina Karvinen, via Zoom.

Hear from one of our supported families

Oleksndr Miliutin was forced to leave his country with his family and they traveled to Ontario for a new start.

He spoke to us about the challenges they faced and how Canadians have supported them in their resettlement.

Miliutin family
The Miliutin family's first day at their host's home in North Bay, Ontario - Canada

Clothing Donations

Some of the families we welcomed from Ukraine had never experienced a winter as cold as ours! To assist them, we opened a call for donations of clothes which were then distributed to the families. We also organized a clothing drive for vulnerable individuals in Ukraine, and with the help of our donors, all donations have been shipped. We are grateful to everyone who supported our cause and extend our heartfelt thanks for their generosity in helping us provide warmth to those affected by the conflict in Ukraine.

We are a Canadian registered charity (Registration Number: 72273 2922 RR0001), therefore donations are eligible for a tax receipt, issued to the donor’s email. Changes and cancellations can be made anytime. Donors have the options of creating a donor account, powered by CanadaHelps DMS, to update information online. If you prefer to speak to our team, you can reach us at 1 (833) 614-GOOD (4663).

Thank you for supporting us!


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